Diary of a Lockdown Sceptic

Bernice Zieba, Diary of a Lockdown Sceptic

Bluebell is not just a lockdown sceptic but also manages a family of ten. Besides juggling her family’s needs, which include having to head down to her local park on a regular basis with several children in tow, dealing with a son who is reluctant to do homework and being…

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Kindle eBook Growing Up Without School

New eBook: Growing Up Without School

The book Growing Up Without School (originally published in 2017) is now also available as an eBook. You can view it here: UK: eBook “Growing Up Without School” USA: eBook Growing Up Without School If you prefer the paperback, get it here: UK: Paperback “Growing Up Without School” USA: Paperback…

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The Three Nuts and Other Christmas Tales

The Three Nuts And Other Christmas Tales, Bernice Zieba

We have published a new book for Christmas, as a family project. The Three Nuts contains fairy tales and legends. For each sold book a small contribution goes to our large family! Recommended for Christmas time or as a sensible gift. The Three Nuts and other Christmas Tales UK The…

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True Christmas Spirit

Christmas Stories, Jan Webmedia, Jan and Bernice Zieba

Get in the mood for Christmas with these classic Christmas stories! Read them for yourself or aloud. Suitable for the whole family. Christmas Stories contains nine enchanting folk tales and famous stories: The Sabot of Little Wolff by François Coppée, A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, The Little Match Girl…

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